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Five times artists got really (we mean really) creative with their merch


We love artist merch over here at ABC Music, just peep our Aus Music T-Shirt day pics as proof. But as much as we get excited about a good tee or hoodie, there’s just something about the more out there side of merch that piques our interest. So, we thought we’d have a look at some of the more...unique items out there.

Andrew Swift’s head (and jars) full of honey

In what could be the greatest synergy between merch and music in recent times, when Andrew Swift released his Valentine’s single ‘Head Full Of Honey’ back in Feb he saw an opportunity and he took it. Enter the very limited-edition Andrew Swift branded honeypots. Boasting ‘A headful of honey straight from the hive’ and purported to be ‘100% made by bees’, only a handful of lucky fans got their hands on this sweet treat but we would bet that it left them…buzzing.

Check out Andrew's other, less edible, merch here.

Wiggly tunes can even make inanimate objects dance

We all know that The Wiggles can make kids (and adults) dance like there’s nobody watching but have you ever seen a tune so good it made a guitar dance? That was the exact concept behind the ‘Wiggling Dancing Musical Guitar Toy', a fantastic relic from the early 2000’s that saw a hyper coloured guitar quite literally wiggle while music played. Though not available through any official channels anymore, the memory of that twisting guitar neck lives on forever.

Wiggly merch has very much evolved since the 2000s, here's the proof!

Lee Kernaghan: King of t-shirt slogans

Okay, yeah, most artists have a range of shirts but none are quite as imaginative as the one's that Lee Kernaghan put out as part of his 'Backroad Nation' collection. We'll just let you see for yourself...

Brandy’s. Tasty. Treats.

Adam Brand can sail the country charts with the best of them but real fans know that he’s also a wizz in the kitchen. Which is why it makes so much sense that Brandy would have his own line of aprons. Unfortunately, these pastel beauties are sold out at the moment but we have hope for the future.

Put a Brandy apron on your wishlist here.

A weird time in triple j history

Let us take you back to the heady days of 2016, where the sweetest phrase you could hear was ‘Pack ‘er up boyssssss’ and Matt and Alex were kings of triple j Breakfast. Their joint adoration of legionnaires caps (aka the flap cap) and tune rags (we can’t even define this one) led to possibly the oddest merch triple j has ever offered, the detachable tune rag flap cap. A limited run for that year’s Splendour In The Grass means it’s pretty hard to come by one of these gems nowadays but at least we have the memories…and this one video.

Luckily there's still a bunch of awesome (and kinda weird) triple j merch to pick up here.

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Five times artists got really (we mean really) creative with their merch

We love artist merch over here at ABC Music, just peep our Aus Music T-Shirt day pics as proof.

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