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Dig (Directions In Groove) announce ‘Clearlight’ album and tour 2011!


Innovative jazz/funk outfit Dig (Directions In Groove) is excited to announce the release of the band’s first studio album in thirteen years. Titled ‘Clearlight’, it will be released on 14th October via ABC Music, with the band embarking on the ‘Clearlight’ national tour through November and December, traversing the country from Cairns through to Perth!

Reflecting on the last twenty years, and brimming with excitement about the release of their fourth studio album and a full-scale national tour, the members of Dig (Directions In Groove) share their thoughts with us as they prepare for the next chapter in the band’s rich history.

 “When Dig formed in 1991 it was a serendipitous meeting of musicians who liked both kinds of music, Jazz and Funk, not to mention Rock, Hip Hop and a lot more, and who wanted it all! Twenty years later the band is still searching and defying simple categorisation. This new album is an intriguing collection of disparate tracks that run the gamut from Moody Illbient /Trip Hop through to almost indie pop without losing that distinctive poise and focus that marks all of Dig’s work.

Dig spent almost a decade in the 90’s spreading the word and gigging hard, but ultimately needed a break. As we’ve regrouped to do some gigs over the last few years, it has been obvious that Dig is much greater than the sum of the parts. To still feel after 20 years that there is a real chemistry amongst the members is incredibly exciting, and I feel humbled and very grateful to be working again with exceptional people that I respect as musicians and love as friends. The addition of vocalist Laura Stitt has been a revelation; she is the ideal collaborator for Dig, with an instinctive tastefulness and restraint that is perfectly attuned to our sense of style.

It’s not often that you get a second chance in life, but it looks like we got lucky with Dig.

Bring on the ‘Clearlight’ tour!”

Scott Saunders, keyboards and vocals

“The band started about 20 years ago at a time when acid jazz and rare groove tracks were new in Sydney's clubs. We fitted right in to that scene and our live following went from strength to strength. Our first release was recorded independently. Three days in a studio, playing live with some overdubs. The following two albums recorded for Polygram were basically the same with a bigger budget. Our last album Curvystrasse was around the time of the digital revolution and much of it was made in our own studio- it was our most ambitious and experimental sounding recording.

The new album Clearlight is really a combination of all the best and most interesting elements from all of our previous releases. There are funky and afro grooves recorded live to 2'' tape. Other tracks are aural collages using digital methods to transform analog recordings into something new. We have been collaborating with vocalist Laura Stitt and have produced some tracks that are more integrated in terms of the music and lyrics than ever before. There are also some new grooves on the album that have been influenced by electro and even roots music.”

Tim Rollinson, guitarist

“I’d been playing in Soul, Funk and Jazz Groups in New Zealand for ten years before coming to Sydney to study jazz at the Conservatorium, and met the guys. As soon as I played a few bars with these cats I was in heaven. Just my thing. A bit funky, a bit jazzy and very soulful. Not a bad bunch of blokes too, and we’ve had a lot of fun and done some crazy shit along the way. The new album is great to listen to and it’ll be fun to play live.”

Rick Robertson, saxophonist

“Just a few years out of high school, I get a call from Scott Saunders to see if I would like to do a gig playing some funk grooves with a bunch of jazz cats...its this new style man...Acid Jazz! Almost ten years after that call, we'd travelled the globe numerous times on the back of multiple award winning albums, playing shows on almost every continent.

Now 20 years on, a more relaxed approach coupled with our old ingredients has led us to a new recipe for cool. I am definitely enjoying the new formula. There’s a lot more left to the imagination. The essence of the music for me now is turning the simple into mesmerising and the complex into cool. After a long break from our touring schedules of old, it feels like heading home again to hang out and make noise with your family. I'm looking forward to see what the new chapter has install...”

Terepai Richmond, drummer/percussionist

“There is a bit of magic with this original lineup of Dig(Directions In Groove). We have a trust that gets us beyond what we could create on our own. It’s a musical confidence in each other, that makes a complete group sound. Even though I left the band for 12 years, it doesn't feel like it. When I came back, we started playing like we always had, but with a greater awareness of what we have together as a band.”

Alex Hewetson, bassist 1991-1994, 2006 to present

Check out the band at

Dig (Directions In Groove) ‘Clearlight’ album released 14th October
‘Clearlight’ National Tour on sale from 12th September

The ‘Clearlight’ Tour 2011

On-sale: Monday 12th September 2011

- Thursday 17th November 2011: The Old Museum – Brisbane (QLD)
Tickets: - Ph: 1300 762 545

- Friday 18th November 2011: The Sound Lounge – Gold Coast (QLD)
Tickets: - Ph: 07 5534 7999

- Saturday 19th November 2011: Tanks Arts Centre – Cairns (QLD)
Tickets: - Ph: 1300 855 835

- Wednesday 23rd November 2011: Wrestpoint Showroom – Hobart (TAS)
Tickets: - Ph: 1300 795 257

- Thursday 24th November 2011: Country Club – Launceston (TAS)
Tickets: - Ph: 1300 795 257

- Friday 25th November 2011: Fly By Night Musicians Club – Perth (WA)
Tickets: - Ph: 08 9430 5976

- Saturday 26th November 2011: The Governer Hindmarsh – Adelaide (SA)
Tickets: - Ph: 08 8340 0744

- Saturday 3rd December 2011: The Studio At Sydney Opera House – Sydney (NSW)
Tickets: - Ph: 02 9250 7777

- Saturday 10th December 2011: Corner Hotel – Melbourne (VIC)
Tickets: - Ph: 03 9427 9198

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