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Roy & HG

Roy & HG, written and hosted by the duo (John Doyle & Greig Pickhaver) as a live, improvised, and satirical radio program a

Roy & HG - This Sporting Life

Roy & HG are the much loved Australian comedy duo, comprising Greig Pickhaver in the role of “H.G.

Chris Lilley Theme Songs

Multi-award winning creator and performer Chris Lilley, one of Australia’s most loved comedians, has released his latest album ‘Chris Lilley Th

The TGIF Songs of Colin Buchanan

The live songs and parodies of Colin Buchanan on 2CDs, as heard on Drive with Richard Glover on ABC 702 Local Radio.

Track Listing:


Previously endorsed by one critic as, “as politically incorrect as you can get,” the 2011 ARIA nominated Buddy Goode stretches the boundaries and h