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triple j

We love music!

We love music made in bedrooms and garages around Australia by people we’ve never heard of. We love new music from our favourite bands from here and all over the world. We love music that we unearth, that we see live, and that we discover online (sometimes before the music has been officially released). We play new music because we like it and we think you will too. We play it first, sometimes months before commercial radio. While we’re on subject of commercials, you should know that triple j is completely ad-free.


How it all began
It was a hot summer's day when triple j first began broadcast on 19 January 1975 in Sydney, launching onto the airwaves, and straight into controversy by playing as its first track, the then-banned Skyhooks track 'You Just Like Me 'Cause I'm Good in Bed'. In the beginning the station was called 2JJ, and it broadcast on the AM band, which is a fossil yard now, and on 1 August 1980 the station moved to the FM band and renamed itself 2JJJ.


In 1989, triple j began the first of its re-launch campaigns, a plan to expand into all the capital cities of Australia, including Newcastle in NSW, and in so doing became Australia's only national youth broadcaster.


From there, the station expanded yet again to 18 rural centres across Australia in January 1995, the first stage in a plan to reach a total of 46 regional centres of the country. Since the end of 1996, triple j has been a truly national network, broadcasting to places such as Broken Hill, Dubbo, Grafton, Taree, Wollongong, Cairns, Rockhampton, Ballarat, Bendigo, Alice Springs, Kalgoorlie, Wagga Wagga, Mildura, Warrnambool. The list goes on and on... Believe it or not, dozens of smaller communities have actually funded their own triple j transmitter. It makes us very proud.


Online kicked off in 1995 with only four pages, but lots of enthusiasm. Today the pages number over 10,000. It looks rather fetching, don’t you think? But is not just a pretty interface. It’s your one-stop shop for access to everything we do. Listen! Ogle! Download! Stream! Find out the details of that track you’ve been loving, check out our presenter’s blogs, or relive an artist’s live studio performance when it suits you.


Live at the Wireless

For a lot more than a decade we've been bringing live music alive to air every week with Live at the Wireless. Don't miss the sound bytes of our Live at the Wireless sessions every Monday night at 8pm and Sunday afternoon at 5pm, without fail!


Supporting the Australian music scene is important to us which is why we spend a lot of time recording and promoting Australian artists and live music. Check out the triple j gig guide to catch the latest acts triple j is recording and touring around the country.


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