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Sarah Humphreys New Single & Tour


Central Coast songstress Sarah Humphreys is a dreamer, a storyteller, a romantic and the mother of a very sweet little boy named Jude. Her story of love for him - Boy Wonder is the second single from Sarah’s full length album, Hello. 


“Boy Wonder is a song of adoration and love for my son. This magical little human, growing right before my eyes every day. Since becoming his Mum I am softer, more patient, real and bursting with love. It has been the making of me.”


Listen to Boy Wonder here:


Released in September 2012 through ABC/Universal, the record was received with much admiration from industry and fans alike. With production by Matt Fell (Tim Freedman, Sara Storer) and engineering by Jeff McCormack (Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson) & Josh Schuberth (Josh Pyke) the dreamy, spacious and lush tune will take you away to another world with every listen. 


"Sometimes a song just flows out of you, this was one of those. The writing and recording process was just so easy. This is one of the first live takes with Josh (drums) and Matt (bass) recording their parts too and didn't take much for it to be where it is now. It's nice to know that it was built around my ukulele and I, simple and sweet. We had fun with loads of vintage spacey-keyboard goodness after we'd built the beds too."


Sarah will be taking Boy Wonder and her band of volunteers on the road from February to May 2013. Come and say hello. 


Friday 22nd February                                                         The Front, Canberra ACT w/ Troy Henderson – TIX AT THE DOOR
Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th February                         Tumbafest, Tumbarumba – TIX HERE
Saturday 9th March                                                            Purepop Records, St Kilda VIC - FREE
Sunday 10th March                                                             The Workers Club, Fitzroy VIC w/ Broni & Kat Arditto – TIX AT THE DOOR
Thursday 18th April                                                            Bottlerocket Bar & Cafe, Nowra - FREE
Friday 19th April                                                                  The Shellharbour Club, Shellharbour - FREE
Saturday 20th April                                                             Jamberoo Pub, Jamberoo w/ Nick Rheinberger – TIX

Saturday 18th May                                                              Lizotte's Kincumber w/ Jacob Pearson – TIX HERE



'Sarah Humphreys is quite the endearing performer. Somehow both shy and confident, she has a gentle, folky sway and a bunch of stories that, if told by a performer less natural, would seem too earnest for me (heck, she’s brought me to near-tears on more than one occasion). Sweet like Halava.' - Timber & Steel, National Folk Festival


Hello is out now.