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Ya like jazz? You will after listening to these albums


Think jazz is just three guys in suits scatting? Think again! There’s a whole world of different jazz genres that are sure to suit any musical tastes. So, to celebrate International Jazz Day, we through we’d give you a couple options to kick off your jazz journey.

'A to Z of Jazz' – James Morrison

First up, you gotta respect the OGs and they don’t get more OG than James Morrison – possibly the highest profile Australian jazz musician EVER. Here he matches his maestro level trumpet skills to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, covering almost every jazz classic from ‘Basin Street Blues’ to ‘Birdland’. This is entry level jazz and boy, does it sound good!

Listen if: The only jazz musician you know is Bleeding Gums Murphy.

Listen here

‘I Wrote A Song For Her, For Me’ – Jayden Blockley

From industry icons to up-and-comers, Jayden Blockley was still in his teens when he won the 2018 James Morrison Jazz Scholarship. His debut record is slick, longing and laid back, flicking between energetic riffs to runs that drip with nostalgic emotion. At a just over one hour in length, you’ll be surprised how quickly it comes to an end but rest assured, you’ll want to give it another spin.

Listen if: You like your tunes brimming with EMOTION.

Listen here

‘To Iceland! To Iceland!’ – Antelodic

Ok, now we’re getting to the stuff that pushes the boundary of ‘traditional’ jazz. Antelodic is a trio made up of two saxophonists and a guitarist, an instrument rarely highlighted in classic jazz. The sounds of the acoustic guitar playfully flit between the saxophones, making the album feel – at some points – almost folky. It’s the perfect album for people that just can’t give up their rock cornerstone instruments.

Listen if: You’ve ever tried to learn a Mumford & Sons song on acoustic guitar.

Listen here

‘Beautiful World’ – Frances Madden

It has to be said, ‘Side By Side’ – the first single from this album – is a bop. Not only that but its lyrics about weathering the storm together is the exact kind of feel good mood we need right now. ‘Beautiful World’ takes sounds from blues, gospel and pop and wraps it in the bow of Frances Maddens’ sparkling voice. Just TRY not to smile at the title track – go on, we dare you.

Listen if: You need something happy and bubbly to dance to when cleaning.

Listen here

‘Kiri’ - Niran Dasika & Sumire Kuribayashi

The brainchild of Australian trumpeter Niran Dasika and Japanese pianist Sumire Kuribayashi, ‘Kiri’ can feel very dark at times. Inspired by the ‘nihonga’ paintings of renowned Japanese author and painter Kaii Higashiyama, the album feels sparse yet cinematic. Almost like the two instruments are talking to each other. It’s an intense listen but not one that you won't regret.

Listen if: You have a favourite film score.

Listen here

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Ya like jazz? You will after listening to these albums

Think jazz is just three guys in suits scatting? Think again! There’s a whole world of different jazz genres that are sure to suit any musical tastes.

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