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Soul Mates - Songs from Series 1 & 2 Feat. Bondi Hipsters




Soul Mates is the cult ABC TV hit series starring Christiaan Van Vuuren and Nick Boshier that followed a couple of buddies as they were continually drawn together across the course of human history, past and future.

‘Songs From Series 1 & 2’ is now digitally available through ABC Music / UMA and collects all the songs performed in the show from not just The Bondi Hipsters, but also show tunes and ‘80s power ballads from other characters featured in the show – Rocky & Sticks, The Kiwi Assassins and hyper violent man-bird ancient Egyptian demi god, Thutmose.

Dom (of the Bondi Hipsters) is clearly ecstatic about release, saying; "Yarh, we're releasing a soundtrahck. Buy it if you want, don't if you don't want to, we don't care. I'm not going to tell you how to live your life because I'm not your Dahd. To be honest, I'm not even sure why we are releasing a soundtrahck. Our show isn't Straight Out of Compton. It's not Romeo and Juliet. It's not The Get Down. We'd be better off releasing an audiological artistry megamix of eagle squawks, dolphin squeals and baby cries. Get a job."

To add to the release, Dom and Adrian have a cool new dance they want to share about shallow dwelling sea creatures. Not seen in the show and freshly released as part of this album, ‘The Pipi Dance’ is backed up by a clip where the guys hang with their animated crustaceous friends. 



Series 1 & 2 of Soul Mates reunited viewers with their favourite characters and introduced a few new ones;

Bondi Hipsters, Dom and Adrian explored alternative careers, including turning their hand to the barista business, opening the “Closed Café,” an establishment so off-piste, it’s only open when it’s closed. You can also hear Adrian’s mental breakdown as a Broadway musical on “Creative Collaboration – The Musical”, plus the ARIA Award nominated (big whoop) song "Fuhck The Bahnks".

Cavemen, Rocky and Sticks grappled early social evils like the invention of middle management and monogamy, while Kiwi Assassins, Roger and Thinge took on a mission to stop an evil Australian people smuggling ring from stealing New Zealand’s most precious natural resource: schoolboy rugby players.

During series two we met, Ancient Egyptian mates: Seti, the disgruntled Eunuch son of Queen Hatshepsut, Seti’s favoured half-brother Thutmose (played on the show by football great Ian Roberts) as well as Seti’s favourite Israelite slave, Amram.

Both series have been released internationally, being seen in the US on Seeso/NBC and Netflix in the UK and Europe.

Soul Mates ‘Songs From Series 1 & 2’ now digitally available worldwide through ABC Music/ UMA.

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