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Rhys Muldoon - I'm Not Singing - Available September 16


I’m Not Singing is a new children’s album from Rhys Muldoon. Co-written by Rhys and Kram (Spiderbait), this is one album that won’t be thrown out the car window and will have children and parents laughing and singing along to the infectious and somewhat irreverent songs. Featuring guest vocals from Tex Perkins, you’ll never look at children’s music the same way again!

About The Album:

Let’s get one thing straight. I’m not about to turn this into a Wiggles bashing session. I love The Wiggles, I really do. As a father of two young children they’ve saved this writer’s bacon on more than one occasion. Even though my wife instantly assumes a ‘Stifler’s Mom’ style persona if she spots Anthony in the street, scoring ‘Hot Potato Tickets’ to their concert each year buys me at least a summer’s worth of brownie points. I’m sure The Wiggles are sick to death of hearing that same story over and over from Dad’s just like me…for twenty freakin’ years!!

With that in mind though, don’t you just wish The Wiggles would for once drop the niceties and get to the crux of what all kids (and their Dad’s) love…a silly, catchy song about farting, or footy, karate or tracky dacks. There I said it.

Well hey diddle diddle, guess what? Rhys Muldoon has done just that and I’m Not Singing is quite possibly the most concise and well intentioned album of 2011. The Newcastle born, all-round Aussie Renaissance man has filled almost every role there is to fill in the local entertainment and media industry. From starring in films such as Danny Deckchair and The Saviour to his cult status TV roles in The Secret Life Of Us and Play School (the latter, a legendary rite of passage for many of Australia’s finest actors). Add to that an illustrious theatre career, radio broadcasting and a children’s book (penned with contributions from former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd) thrown in for good measure. Rhys Muldoon continues to generate work that has cemented his position as one of Australia’s leading artistic forces.

And yet, if all that hasn’t already made him Mr big smarty pants, on I’m Not Singing, Muldoon adds tongue (firmly) in cheek toilet humour and every day suburban shenanigans that most Australian’s have built into their DNA. And if you’re going to make an ironic album like this, who better to enlist than Kram (cue vocals for the Spiderbait classic Buy Me A Pony) to co-write, produce and arrange it.

I’m Not Singing opens with a wall of Casio-style electronica…like a Kraftwerk and Regurgitator love child from 1984 we go from the mono tone of the title track and My Mum Is The Best to snotty nosed faux punk with Footy Dad and Doin’ Stuff (where guys play netball, make omelettes and girls like karate) which also feature unmissable vocals from Tex Perkins (The Cruel Sea, Beasts Of Bourbon). No music genre is safe ‘round these parts.

And just because there’s talk of bodily functions and robots, this isn’t a comedy or novelty album. A Kevin Bloody Wilson or 12th Man it ain’t. Instead, I’m Not Singing is like that Caramello Koala sitting

in the back of the pantry. A guilty pleasure that’s awesome in small doses. This is the album that Dad’s will have on in the car with the kids on the way to Saturday morning sport. It’s the album munchie-ravaged students will be playing just for laughs. Whatever your vibe, Rhys Muldoon, with the help of some mates, has delivered an album that’s as every bit as good as what TISM or The Doug Anthony Allstars ever released.

With I’m Not Singing, Muldoon has added another cheeky and fun string to his creative bow. My suggestion is check your high brow, critical ear at the door, dig up your old whoopee cushion and immerse yourself in a world where kids get to be kids and adults can sing along without having to deal with Jack n’ Jill or that annoying Little Miss Muffett. Here’s hoping we get to see this album performed with a live band. See you there! – Clayton Doughty

Track Listing

1. I’m Not Singing
2. My Mum Is The Best
3. Bob The Bear
4. A Little Crab
5. Footy Dad
6. Racing A Banjo
7. I Am A Robot
8. On The Hunt
9. Doin’ Stuff
10. Girls And Boys
11. Apples And Bananas
12. I’m Not Sleepy
13. I Live By The Sea

Rhys Muldoon - I’m Not Singing - AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 16


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