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Angry Boys Official Soundtrack: The Collectors Edition To Be Released November 4


The Official Soundtrack Album from the hit Chris Lilley TV series, Angry Boys which is now an ARIA Award winning album gets a physical release as a CD/DVD and is available Friday November 4th.

Featuring a stack of remixes, the score & theme music, behind the scenes never-before-seen video footage and S.mouse Live in Melbourne concert footage!

Following on from the massive success the Angry Boys Official Soundtrack has had as a digital product, Angry Boys Official Soundtrack – The Collector’s Edition is the first time fans can get a piece of the action to have and to hold with so much crammed into the one package.

Angry Boys Official Soundtrack – The Collector’s Edition is a CD and DVD package which includes all the music you love from the Angry Boys TV series, remixes of these songs by big name remix artists and the theme music from the show as written by Chris Lilley himself. PLUS the DVD includes behind the scenes and never seen before footage from recording the music, the making of the music videos, S.mouse live in Melbourne footage and all your favourite music clips from the TV series.

Angry Boys – The Official Soundtrack Album is a 2011 ARIA Award Winning Album for Best Soundtrack.

Angry Boys Official Soundtrack – The Collectors Edition is jam packed with the CD boasting a whopping 43 songs featuring the complete musical works from S.mouse, excerpts from the score and theme music, as well as a massive 11 remixes of songs from the show by big name artists as Muscles, Beni, Blessed Beats and The Silent Titan.

The DVD component of this album features a massive 19 video clips from the show, as well as two behind the scenes videos and footage from the packed Melbourne, Australia show by S.mouse.

Angry Boys Official Soundtrack: The Collectors Edition is available on November 4th, 2011. Pre-order it here!

Angry Boys merchandise is available at ABC Shops, ABC Centres and

Track Listing:

1. S.mouse ‘Slap My Elbow’
2. S.mouse ‘Animal Zoo’
3. S.mouse ‘P** On You’
4. S.mouse ‘Grandmother F***er’
5. S.mouse ‘Obama’
6. S.mouse ‘E=MC2’
7. S.mouse ‘Pu**y Or A**’
8. S.mouse ‘One Ti**y’
9. S.mouse ‘Three Legged Dog’
10. S.mouse ‘Black B*lls’
11. S.mouse ‘Whack My Knee’
12. S.mouse ‘Hot Children’
13. S.mouse ‘This Is S.mouse’
14. S.mouse ‘The Real Me’
15. S.mouse ‘D*ck Off My Shoulder’
16. S.mouse ‘Squashed N***a’
17. Jen Okazaki ‘Gaystyle Cartoon Theme’
18. Bedroom Rap (Muscles Remix)
19. E=MC2 (Blessed Beats Remix)
20. Black B*lls (Rephrase Remix)
21. Slap My Elbow (Hookie’s No Elbow Remix)
22. Animal Zoo (The Silent Titan Remix)
23. Pu**y Or A* (BENI Remix)
24. Slap My Elbow (Sampology Remix)
25. Squashed N***a (ACOE Mix)
26. Grandmother F***er (Herb’s DIM Remix)
27. P** On You (Progress is made Remix)
28. Slap My Elbow' (Isla Phisher Remix)
29. Angry Boys Theme
30. Angry Boy Soprano
31. A Legendary Idea
32. Blake's Childhood
33. Gran's Past
34. Tokyo
35. S.mouse gets dumped
36. Mucca Mucca Mucca
37. Dunt
38. Mum and Steve are getting married
39. Gran's Bad News
40. Nathan gets the firelighters
41. The Legends Arrival
42. Angry Boys Theme (Slow)
43. End Credits Theme


1. Chris Lilley ‘Angry Boys Theme’
2. Daniel & Nathan Sims ‘Bedroom Rap’
3. Daniel & Nathan Sims ‘Wedding Rap’
4. Gran Sims ‘Rehab’
5. Gran Sims ‘Movin' On Up’
6. S.mouse ‘Slap My Elbow (Live)’
7. S.mouse ‘Cuss Medley’
8. S.mouse ‘P** On You’
9. S.mouse ‘Grandmother F***er’
10. S.mouse ‘New Sh*t’
11. S.mouse ‘Three Legged Dog’
12. S.mouse ‘Black B*lls’
13. S.mouse ‘Whack My Knee’
14. S.mouse ‘Hot Children’
15. S.mouse ‘The Real Me (Live)’
16 S.mouse ‘Slap My Elbow’
17. S.mouse ‘Animal Zoo’
18. S.mouse ‘Squashed N***a’
19. Jen Okazaki ‘Gaystyle Cartoon Theme’
20. Sampology Video Mash-up
S.mouse Live In Melbourne
Behind The Scenes:
1. S.mouse's Music Videos
2. Recording the Score

About Chris Lilley

Chris Lilley received international acclaim for his portrayal of five nominees in the ABC comedy We Can Be Heroes: Finding the Australian of the Year. Creating and writing the series, Chris won the international Rose d'Or Award for Best Male Comedy Performance as well as Logie Awards for Most Outstanding New Talent and Best Comedy Series and the NSW Premier’s Literary Award for Best Script Writing. The series also received nominations for four AFI awards, including Best Comedy Series, Best Screenplay for Television and Best Lead Male Actor.

Chris's series Summer Heights High was one of the highest-rated series of 2007 and became the biggest-selling TV series of all time in Australia. Chris was awarded AFI Awards for Best Comedy Series, Best Performance in a Television Comedy and the Byron Kennedy Award for Summer Heights High.

Chris began his career as a stand-up comedian and voiceover artist, graduated to television and gained a cult following for his characters Extreme Darren and Mr. G in the sketch comedy series Big Bite and Hamish and Andy on the Seven Network. Chris is also a musician and wrote much of the music for his three series. He released the single Naughty Girl, which became one of the highest-selling Top Ten singles of 2008.

Chris received the Aria award for Best Original Soundtrack in 2008 for Summer Heights High and in 2011 for Angry Boys. |

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