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Spoken Word

ANZAC Voices: Gallipoli from those who were there

Anzac Voices is the story of Gallipoli, told by those who lived through it: regular troops, senior commanders, stretcher-bearers, signal o

The Guy Noble Radio Show

An audio comedy extravaganza from popular radio presenter and music personality Guy Noble.

The Importance of Being Miriam

In this hilarious, heart-warming and thought-provoking show, internationally renowned actress Miriam Margolyes (Harry Potter, Miss Fis

Miriam Margolyes

Andrew McFarlane - Coping With Grief

Andrew Dunkley: All I See Is Mud

Let Me Introduce You

From his significant win at the age of 16 on “Australia’s Got Talent” and more recently hailed as “Best New Talent” by Guitar Player Magazine USA R

Ever Yours - Grainger Letters With Music

The man and his music: all-new recordings of classic Grainger orchestral works, with a selection of readings from his letters.

Peter Cundall Reads War Poetry

An iconic Australian unleashes the raw emotion of the world’s greatest war poetry.

Summer Heights High