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50 Best Songs

Since its initial broadcast on July 18, 1966, Play School has been entertaining preschoolers, providing them with new experiences and learning oppo

The Best Of

The most successful children’s entertainment group in the world has released a collection of t

My First Mozart Album

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was the most famous composer who ever lived.

SplashDance - Get Your Splash Hands Ready

SplashDance ‘Get your Splash hands ready!’ is the brand now album to accompany the popular live action pre-school series that encourages imaginatio

Battlebird - Life Is Good

BATTLEBIRD, the galaxy's finest time-travelling, space-hopping, pop-rocking kids band has just set it’s dials for buckle up and get ready

Wiggle Town

Come on down to Wiggle Town!

Play School - Jemima’s Big Adventure

ABC Kids Christmas - Volume 2

Jimmy Giggle's Christmas Party