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Sweet Dreams Heather Lee

A beautiful disc of dreamy lullabies for children and adults alike, Sweet Dreams is the creation of Australian composer Kim Cunio and soprano Heather

Summer Holiday Party

Dance and sing the summer days away with this collection of songs that are all about summertime.

Songs to Make You Smile

Following on from the enormous success of Justine Clarke's debut children's release 'I Like To Sing!' comes her brand new album 'Songs To Make You

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie Eloquence Queensland Symphony Orchestra and Mills

This popular ballet from Richard Mills features all the storybook characters of May Gibbs' creations. Whimsical, humorous and engaging, this music conveys all the drama of those wonderful bush tales and is full of the appeal that fuelled their inspiration. The Gumnut Blossoms, the Banksia Men, Mrs Snake, John Dory and Ann Chovy among many others, all find delightful musical characterisations in this beautifully composed ballet. Full of colour and atmosphere, this is music to be enjoyed!

Contains the Tracks:

1 Once Upon A Time 2 Wake-ups and Blossom Shower 3 Blossom Dance

Smelly Songs and Repulsive Rhymes

WARNING: Contains Silly and Revolting Sounds to Make You Giggle!

Sleepytime Jazz Guitar

The soothing, gentle sounds of the jazz guitar has been uniquely recorded on Sleepytime Jazz Guitar to gently send the little one’s off to

Sleepytime Chill Out

Chill out to the simple gentle grooves on Sleepytime Chill Out.

Singing and Dancing - Bananas in Pyjamas

It's when they're singing at the top of their voices and putting on a show that the Bananas in Pyjamas and their friends the Teddies and Rat in a Hat are at their very best — and at their most entertaining. Now some of the most memorable performing moments from the Bananas have been brought together in a bumper double CD pack that children can enjoy over and over again, wherever they are.