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Like A Version Volume 8

triple j


Another year of ear-achingly good music, another Like a Version compilation. Welcome to the cream of the bands-covering-their-favourite-songs-livein-the-triple-j-breakfast-studios crop. On this collection of 21 songs and 14 video clips, you can listen, watch and drool over these talented artists as they reinvent and pay tribute to the tunes that have meant a lot to them.

Home-grown talent really shines on this volume as Bluejuice country-fies Lana Del Rey and Thundamentals sample one of the biggest songs of 2011, Matt Corby’s Brother. Corby himself makes an appearance too, belting out Black Keys, whilst Sydney outfit Deep Sea Arcade absolutely nail Chemical Brothers’ Let Forever Be (the Brothers later tweeted their love for it). Never fear, though; international artists make their presence known too. Bon Iver blew everyone away when he championed his friend Anais Mitchell, and thanks to Active Child we now know that Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams sounds very, very good with harp.

Oh and Jinja Safari did Ignition. So, yeah… cheers for listening and happy music!

Tom & Alex



1. Bluejuice - Video Games
2. Hilltop Hoods - So What’cha Want
3. Boy And Bear - Walking On A Dream
4. City and Colour - Settle Down
5. Missy Higgins - Hearts A Mess
6. Electric Guest - Ritual Union
7. Austra - None Of Dem
8. Husky - Need You Tonight
9. Jinja Safari - Ignition (Remix)
10. Josh Pyke - Endless Summer
11. The Herd feat. Radical Son, Nooky & Sky'High - A Change Is Gonna Come
12. Matt Corby - Lonely Boy
13. Julia Stone - Feeding Line
14. Deep Sea Arcade - Let Forever Be
15. Jebediah - Apartment
16. Ladyhawke - White Rabbit
17. Bon Iver - Coming Down
18. Active Child - Sweet Dreams
19. Cosmo Jarvis - Spinnin Around
20. Thundamentals - Brother
21. The Medics - Blowin’ In The Wind


1. Thundamentals - Brother
2. Bluejuice - Video Games
3. Matt Corby - Lonely Boy
4. Missy Higgins - Hearts A Mess
5. Ballpark Music - Do You Realize??
6. Hilltop Hoods - So What’cha Want
7. City and Colour - Settle Down
8. Austra - None Of Dem
9. The Herd feat. Radical Son, Nooky & Sky'High - A Change Is Gonna Come
10. Bon Iver - Coming Down
11. Julia Stone - Feeding Line
12. Jinja Safari - Ignition (Remix)
13. The Maccabees - Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon
14. Lanie Lane - Gold On The Ceiling


11 November 2012