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Galvanize Josh Arnold

Josh has been on the country music scene for a couple of years now and his debut album Galvanize was produced by Josh and industry stalwart Rod McCormack. The first single is a duet with Lee Kernaghan and is a re-work of the John Denver classic "Thank God I'm A Country Boy".

For more information visit the Josh Arnold website (non-ABC).

Track listing: 1. Yodeo Trailer 2. Hardlivin’ 3. Everything 4. Girl in The 2nd Row 5. Headin’ for the Country 6. The Man I Used to be 7. One-Stop-Over-Ride 8. Thank God I’m a Country Boy 9. Roadtrain 10. Sparky Ridge 11. Old Man Cowboy 12. Scarifier

The Band: Josh Arnold, Mitch Farmer, Jeff McCormack, Ian Lees, Mark Punch, Michel Rose, Mick Albeck & Rod McCormack.